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Bifengtang oysters

Raw Seafood (Sashimi)


Whisky with Soda

“Bifengtang” originally meant a place where boats took shelter during typhoons, but today it also refers to a type of seafood cuisine that developed in harbors where fishermen gathered, often using spicy bread crumbs for an extra-tasty finish.

Processed seafood used

Chugoku Hanten Fureika

"A renowned, Michelin-starred restaurant in Azabu-Juban
Chugoku Hanten offers an exquisite blend of traditional Shanghai cuisine and refined Guangdong cuisine. The prices reflect the luxury of the cuisine on offer, but lunch is relatively affordable. Live erhu performances and polite, professional service create a relaxing atmosphere of elegant refinement."

Cooking time
20 minutes
Total servings
Cooking time
20 minutes


Green onion
Small amount
Small amount
Douchi (optional)
A dash
3 cloves
Dried chili peppers (whole)
Katakuri powder
A dash
Chicken broth powder (optional)
A dash
Crispy powder (or substitute tempura flour)
50 g


  1. Finely dice the onion, and chop the green onion into 5 cm lengths.
  2. Wash the douchi and transfer it to a colander to drain.
  3. "Finely chop the garlic, and then transfer it to a colander placed over a bowl. Rinse it under running water, and then let it drain. Cut the chili peppers in half diagonally and remove the seeds."
  4. Make the crispy powder (mix custard powder, baking powder, cake flour, and katakuri flour in a bowl, sift, gradually add water for volume, and then stir in a small amount of oil).
  5. Coat the oysters with katakuri flour, knead the coating in carefully so that the oysters do not lose their shape, and then remove the excess coating under running water.
  6. Fry the douchi and chili peppers. Remove them from the oil, and then add the garlic and fry it until it begins to brown. Then remove the garlic too.
  7. Boil the oysters, dry them, and then coat them with katakuri flour. Next, coat them with an additional layer of crispy powder, fry them, and then remove them from the oil.
  8. Lightly sauté the diced onions, douchi, chili peppers, garlic, and green onions in a saucepan. Transfer the oysters to the saucepan, and season with salt, ajinomoto powder, and chicken broth powder to taste.


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