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Okonomiyaki-style squid tempura skewers

Snack or Appetizer

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Tempura discs filled with squid, seasoned okonomiyaki-style. Don’t forget the Otafuku sauce!

Processed seafood used

Cqree INC.

Cqree knows everything there is to know about delicious Japanese cuisine, working with renowned restaurants and chefs to develop and produce bento boxes, New Year’s osechi cooking, premade meal items, and other products, using ingredients grown all over the country. It operates storefronts that sell these products directly, and selected items from its range of hearty, tasty food are also available through kitchen cars for extra convenience.

Cooking time
10 minutes
Total servings
Cooking time
10 minutes


Tempura discs with squid
Otafuku sauce
10 ml
5 g
Aonori flakes
1 g
Bonito flakes
1 g
Red ginger
2 g


  1. Pierce the discs with the skewers and grill them on both sides.
  2. On one side, spread the sauce, draw a line with the mayonnaise, and then dress with the aonori flakes, bonito flakes, and red ginger.


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