UMI UMA | 東北の海のうまい物が集うサイト

Chef’s RECIPE@ホーム

Mackerel sushi with mustard miso

Fish Filet



This sushi platter with thick, rich pieces of vinegared mackerel is flavored with mustard miso instead of soy sauce—a new combination of flavors that yields delicious results.

Processed seafood used

Ebisu SasaokaTakatsugu Sasaoka

Sasaoka was initiated into the culinary world at Hasegawa, a venerable Japanese restaurant in Akasaka, Tokyo. Being warned that it would take a decade to master Japanese cuisine only made him more determined to do so. He continued to hone his skills under Ryoji Yoshiwara at Kawasaki, another respected Akasaka restaurant. Yoshiwara was a student of Yoshio Yoshida, who in turn studied under Ryosanjin Kitaoji, making Yoshiwara and Sasaoka direct heirs to Ryosanjin’s craft. Sasaoka went on to work at Ichiraku and Hishinuma before opening his own restaurant, Sasaoka, in 1997.

Cooking time
30 minutes
Total servings
Cooking time
30 minutes


Vinegared mackerel
2 fillets
Cooked rice
1 go (about 3/4 cup before cooking)
Sushi vinegar*
As desired
5 leaves (finely chopped)
Sesame seeds, chopped
A dash
A dash (finely chopped)
* Sushi vinegar
"Vinegar: 180 ml Sugar: 50 g Salt: 15 g Konbu: A small amount (Bring to a boil together, then chill)"
Mustard miso
"Mustard miso White miso: 100 g Sugar: 40 g Sake: 5 ml Mirin: 5 ml (Mix together over heat)"
Sakura miso
"Sakura miso: 100 g Sugar: 40 g Sake: 5 ml Mirin: 10 ml (Mix together over heat)"
Bainiku sauce
"Bainiku (umeboshi paste): 100 g Sugar: 10 g Sake: 140 ml Katakuri powder: A dash (Mix together over heat)"


  1. Mix the sushi vinegar into the rice, and then add the chopped sesame seeds, ginger, and shiso.
  2. Make a long sushi loaf using (1) and the mackerel, and cut the loaf into slices.
  3. Transfer (2) to a plate and top it with the mustard miso, sakura miso, and bainiku sauce.