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Oyster charcoal

Smoked Seafood

Snack or Appetizer


This dish may look like charcoal, but rich oyster umami is sealed away inside. Fragrant truffle salt adds the finishing touch.

Processed seafood used

IL GHIOTTONEYasuhiro Sasajima

After training in Italian cuisine in Japan’s Kansai region, Sasajima worked as chef at La Tour, La Vita Takaragaike, and Il Pappalardo. In 2005, he opened the “Kyoto-style Italian” restaurant Il Ghiottone in Marunouchi as owner and chef. In 2007, he became the first Japanese chef to participate in the Italian culinary summit Identità Golose. Today he regularly appears on television, in magazines, and in other media.

Cooking time
10 minutes
Total servings
Cooking time
10 minutes


Truffle salt
A dash
(For charcoal-style veneer) Cake flour
100 g
(For charcoal-style veneer) Bamboo charcoal powder
3 g
(For charcoal-style veneer) Dry yeast
10 g
(For charcoal-style veneer) Beer
130 g
(For charcoal-style veneer) Salt
A dash


  1. Dry the oysters with a paper towel.
  2. Mix the charcoal-style veneer ingredients together in a bowl, and then place the bowl somewhere warm to ferment (30 min).
  3. Coat the oysters with the charcoal-style veneer mixture, and fry them in oil heated to 180°C.
  4. Drain the oysters well, and then sprinkle them with truffle salt to serve.


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