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Mackerel and lemongrass salad with grated daikon

Fish Filet

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Mackerel and lemongrass salad with grated daikon

Processed seafood used

The Siam Heritage TokyoVichian Leamted

Vichian Leamted is the chef of The Siam Heritage Tokyo. He was born in the northern Thai province of Phetchabun in 1970, and moved to Japan in 2009 after working in renowned restaurants in Bangkok and elsewhere. Upon arriving to Japan, he joined Spice Road, and has held his current position since June 2013. He is known for his tireless efforts to promote Thai cuisine in Japan, including publishing “The Complete Book of Thai Cuisine” (Tai ryori taizen) with co-author Pensri Ajisawa, culinary supervisor at Spice Road and another well-known promoter of Thai cuisine in Japan.

Cooking time
15 minutes
Total servings
Cooking time
15 minutes


180 g
Daikon, roughly grated
150 g
A. Lemongrass, finely diced
A. Thai lime leaf, julienned
1 leaf
A. Mint, finely diced
5 g
A. Prik kee noo (chili pepper), cut diagonally
A. Cherry tomatoes, cut into wedges
Coriander, cut into large pieces
For decoration
Original lemongrass dressing (combine the following to taste: olive oil, lemongrass, nam pla fish sauce, wine vinegar, pepper)
40 g


  1. Grill the mackerel on both sides, and then break it down into large flakes.
  2. Gently squeeze the moisture from the grated daikon.
  3. Combine (2) and (A) in a bowl, and mix them together.
  4. Mix the dressing ingredients together, adding each ingredient to taste.
  5. Add the flaked mackerel and mix together lightly.
  6. Transfer to a plate and decorate with cherry tomatoes and coriander.


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